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Beatles Shakespeare
Como se os Beatles não fossem bastante ocupados sendo a maior banda de rock do mundo, eles encontraram tempo para aprender e atuar nesta peça de Shakespeare - e fizeram um bom trabalho.

Píramo era interpretado por Paul McCartney e Tisbe por John Lennon.

Muitos artistas  se levam muito a sério nunca aparecem nesse tipo de sátira - mas os Beatles eram desligados e sempre zombavam de si mesmos.
As if the Beatles weren't busy enough being the world's greatest rock band, they found time to learn and perform this play by Shakespeare - and did a fine job of it.
Pyramus was played by Paul McCartney and Thisbe by John Lennon.
Many artists take themselves too seriously and would never appear in this kind of skit - but the Beatles had few hang-ups and were always quick to poke fun at themselves.

Kennedy Center Honors Paul McCartney

Rare Beatles jamming session jan.1969

Paul, George and Ringo - Ain't She Sweet (The Beatles)

A Laugh With the Beatles (3 of 3)

A Laugh With the Beatles (2 of 3)

A Laugh With The Beatles (1 of 3)

The Beatles HELP / Let It Be Sessions

Ringo Starr, Peter Sellers & John Cleese

Beatle outtakes. (funny videos)

The Beatles - funny moments
FEMALE FAN: "Would you please sing something?"



RINGO: "Sorry."

M.C: "Next question."

Q: "There's some doubt that you CAN sing."

JOHN: "No, we need money first."


Q: "How much money do you expect to take out of this country?"
JOHN: "About half a crown."
RINGO: "Ten dollars."
Q: "Does all that hair help you sing?"

PAUL: "What?"

Q: "Does all that hair help you sing?"

JOHN: "Definitely. Yeah."

Q: "You feel like Sampson? If you lost your hair, you'd lose what you have? 'It'?"

JOHN: "Don't know. I don't know."

PAUL: "Don't know."

M.C: "There's a question here."

Q: "How many of you are bald, that you have to wear those wigs?"

RINGO: "All of us."

PAUL: "I'm bald."

Q: "You're bald?"

JOHN: "Oh, we're all bald, yeah."

PAUL: "Don't tell anyone, please."

JOHN: "And deaf and dumb, too."


M.C: "Quiet, please."

Q: "Do you know American slang? Are you for real?"

PAUL: "For real."

JOHN: "Come and have a feel."

RINGO: (laughs)

Q: "Aren't you afraid of what the American Barbers Association is going to think of you?"
RINGO: "Well, we run quicker than the English ones, we'll have a go here, you know."
Q: "Listen, I got a question here. Are you going to get a haircut at all while you're here?"


RINGO: "Nope."

PAUL: "No, thanks."

GEORGE: "I had one yesterday."


RINGO: "And that's no lie, it's the truth."

PAUL: "It's the truth."

Q: "You know, I think he missed."

JOHN: "Nope."

GEORGE: "No, he didn't. No."

RINGO: "You should have seen him the day before."

Q: "What do you think your music does for these people?"

PAUL: "Uhh..."

JOHN: "Hmmm, well..."

RINGO: "I don't know. It pleases them, I think. Well, it must do, 'cuz they're buying it."

Q: "Why does it excite them so much?"

PAUL: "We don't know. Really."

JOHN: "If we knew, we'd form another group and be managers."


Q: "What about all this talk that you represent some kind of social rebellion?"
JOHN: "It's a dirty lie. It's a dirty lie."
Q: "What do you think of Beethoven?"

RINGO: "Great. Especially his poems."


M.C: "Can we have the last question now, Gentlemen, please?"

PAUL: "My favorite."


Q: "Have you decided when you're going to retire?"

JOHN: "Next week."
PAUL: "No."
JOHN: "No, we don't know."

RINGO: "We're going to keep going as long as we can."

GEORGE: "When we get fed up with it, you know. We're still enjoying it."

RINGO: "Any minute now."

Q: "After you make so much money, and then..."
GEORGE: "No, as long as we enjoy it, we'll do it. 'Cuz we enjoyed it before we made ANY money."
(At the conclusion of this press conference, since they were still unknown as individuals to most of the American press, the Beatles chanted their names in the order they were standing at the microphones.)

BEATLES: (in unison) "Paul... Ringo... George... John!! Paul... Ringo... George...John!!"  Sources:

Funny Beatles interview Texas 1964

Q: "Although you havent seen much of Dallas, the part of it that you have seen, what do you like?" PAUL: (southern accent) "Well... pretty fine! Pretty fine." Q: "Did you get to see the Presidential site?" PAUL: "No, the only bit that we've seen so far is the hotel." JOHN: "And the drive looked like a nice place when we drove to this place here, whatever this is." Q: "Ringo, do you have any political affiliations at all?" RINGO: "No. I don't even smoke." (drags on his cigarette) Q: "What kind of cigarette is that? Is that roll-your-own?" PAUL: (southern accent) "Roll your own!" RINGO: "One of these, but it don't work too well..." Q: (laughs) RINGO: "...he said, in an American accent." (Beatles laugh) Q: (to John) "What kind of girls do you prefer?" JOHN: "My wife." Q: "Your wife? What kind of girl is she?" JOHN: "She's a NICE girl." Q: "Ringo, when you marry, what kind of girl are you gonna..." RINGO: "Oh I dunno. I haven't sorted one out yet. I like 'em all." Q: (to George) "What kind of girl do you like?" GEORGE: "Uhh... John's wife." JOHN: (smacks George on shoulder, jokingly) "Nobody likes a smart aleck." (laughter) Q: "Do y'all have any books coming out now... any time soon?" PAUL: "John's the only one." RINGO: "John's the one with the book." JOHN: "I havent got one... I've got one coming out next year as soon as I've written it." Q: "What's the name of it?" JOHN: "I don't know. I haven't written it yet." Q: "Is it a mystery, or what kind of books do you like to write?" JOHN: "Rubbish. Rubbish." GEORGE: (jokingly) "I'm writing a detective thriller" Q: "Last night you had a lot of difficulty getting into the Cabonia. Did any of you get hurt at all?" RINGO: "George got kicked." GEORGE: (jokingly) "I got punched in me face... a few times. But I mean, thats part of life, isn't it." (someone off-screen signals that the group is needed and the interview must end) (Ringo and Paul begin bouncing in their seats, riding pretend horses) PAUL: (southern accent) "We gotta move on. We're rollin' now." RINGO: (southern accent) "We're gonna move this stage on down to New Orleans." PAUL: "Yah-hey!" Q: "Are y'all going to New Orleans?" RINGO: "No, we were there the other night. Very hot there, you know." JOHN: "Very hot." Q: "Thank you all very much." BEATLES: "Thank you."

The Beatles Funny Videos (1963) [HD]

The Beatles Help - Funny moments

We Can Work It Out Promo Version 3

John: Simplesmente engraçado ...
John:Simply funny...

The Beatles interview 1965 (Rare)

John Lennon

 John Lennon brinca em torno da câmera e no ensaio dos Beatles de  'I Want You' e 'I've got a feeling.'. "Das sessões de Get Back / Let it Be .
John Lennon clowns around for the camera and the Beatles practice 'I Want You' and 'I've Got a Feeling.' From the Get Back/Let it Be sessions.

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